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Just in case I forgot to mention it, you can find me on my newest blog: tsuki-yume (click here!) Same kinda blog as this one. It’s my new main/personal blog while this one is under hiatus. Check it out! :) Or find me on my other two blogs:

  • pinkcummypantsu (Hentai/NSFW)
  • black-kyary (Kawaii)

Oh..Hi there. I see you're looking at this post. Well, here's the thing, I really appreciate your hard work at clicking on my blog and checking it out; but let's not forget about those other blogs out there. Those blogs that are: kawaii, nsfw, cute, gross, and naked fucking chicks mannn. Ha, can't forget about those blogs. How about clicking this link to pay them a visit, drink some tea, spend some time. No? the fucking link, do it now!

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